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    Golf Club Condition Scale & Ratings

    At we rate your golf clubs in three different categories: New, Average or Below Average condition. Please use the following descriptions and photos to help correctly identify the type of condition your clubs are in.

    PLEASE NOTE: Any wedges that are "Stamped/Engraved" with initials or names will automatically be deemed in "Below Average" condition upon being received.

    New Condition - Clubs considered in new condition are either still in original plastic or out of plastic with no visual signs of wear. These clubs have never been hit, however they may show signs of minor shop wear. 

    New Condition Driver Sole New Condition Driver Face  New Condition Fairway Wood Sole New Condition Fairway Wood Face   New Condition Wedge Sole New Condition Wedge Face  New Condition Putter Sole   New Condition Putter Face

    Average Condition - Clubs considered in average condition have been previously used and exhibit signs of normal wear. The majority of the wear is cosmetic and can be seen throughout the club head. Acceptable wear includes normal ball marks and scratching on the face; normal scratching on the sole and light scratches or paint chips on/around the crown. No skymarks, dents, or rattles. Shafts and grips should be in playable condition as well with normal wear.

    Average Condition Driver Sole Average Condition Driver Face   Average Condition Fairway Wood SoleAverage Condition Fairway Wood Face  Average Condition Wedge Sole   Average Condition Wedge Face   Average Condition Putter Sole   Average Condition Putter Face

    Below Average Condition - Clubs considered in below average condition have seen heavy usage and exhibit signs of moderate to excessive wear. These clubs often have skymarks, dings, nicks, shaft burns, groove loss or browning on the face. Regardless of wear, these clubs are still in playable condition and the overall integrity of the clubs are still in tact. Shafts may have scratches and grips worn. We do not accept clubs with broken shafts, cracked or dented heads or any other feature that would affect the clubs performance. 

    Below Average Condition Driver Sole Below Average Condition Driver Face     Below Average Condition Fairway Wood Sole Below Average Condition Fairway Wood Face  Below Average Condition Wedge Sole Below Average Condition Wedge Face Below Average Condition Putter Sole   Below Average Condition Putter Face

    Clubs that do NOT qualify:

    • Iron sets must have four (4) consecutive clubs, including a Pitching Wedge. If a PW is not included, you will be required to enter each of the irons individually.
    • Clubs with cracked or dented heads
    • Clubs with cracked or broken shafts
    • Wedges that are stamped or engraved will be automatically be deemed in "Below Average" condition.
    • Counterfeit clubs

    If you have any questions regarding condition, please contact Golf Stix via phone or email.

    Rangefinder/GPS Condition Scale & Ratings

    Each unit is professionally tested by a certified specialist. After inspection, the unit will be classified into one of the below conditions: average, below average, or damaged. Please use the following criteria to accurately identify the condition of your device.

    Average Condition:

    • All buttons work and operate as intended by the manufacturer
    • Light cosmetic wear from normal use
    • Includes accessories (if applicable)
    • Displays accurate yardages
    Average Condition Rangefinder

    Below Average Condition:

    • Excessive cosmetic wear (nicks, paint wear, or pen marks)
    • Missing accessories (charger, face plate, and/or USB cable)
    • Displays accurate yardages and works as intended by the manufacturer
    • Light sun spots in lens
    Below Average Condition Rangefinder

    Damaged – Zero value. All devices will be recycled properly or returned at the customer expense.

    • Lens is cracked, speckled, or contains severe sun damage
    • Battery door is not present or does not properly secure
    • Does not display accurate yardages
    • Eye cup is not removed or missing
    • Burnt out or faded LCDs
    • Cracked outer casing
    Below Average Condition Rangefinder

    If you have any questions regarding condition, please contact Golf Stix via phone or email.

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